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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: Three White Brits

Give me a picture of three handsome chaps and I'll give you a "Do Dump or Marry" post with which to set your judgement upon them in stone. Not sure where or when the actor Douglas Booth, the model David Gandy and the Noted Homosexual Luke Evans had the opportunity to hang out, I'm guessing it was for a fashion event of some sort (Boy George was probably involved, the sneaky bugger) but there they are and here we are in response.

There they be. Do Dump or Marry, go.

But first! Before y'all tell me who you're doing dumping and marrying in the comments this seems as good a place as any to share a choice quote from Luke in a new interview over here (thanks Mac) about that hot Dracula mess he's starring in; specifically where they ask him about the whole keeping in great shape thing:

"My trainer is with me all day, we train before I come to work and then I just keep training all day. It is quite a lot of sort of semi-naked stuff in the film. It’s not just about looking good out of your clothes. It was about, again, honoring the character I was playing. He was a warrior... [blah blah blah he-pretends-this-movie-is-about-acting-for-a-couple-of-minutes blah] It’s hard going, but it’s one of those jobs where I’m living the dream. This is an amazing job. I’m lucky to be doing this, so you just got to enjoy it. Somebody’s paying me to keep fit for god’s sake." 

In summation here's are two pics of David Gandy 
totally meant to skew all of your votes.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Deliver Us To Hotness

Finally an impressive batch of pictures from the upcoming horror flick Deliver Us From Evil has shown us thanks to STYD - impressive not because they show us scary things that a horror movie should be showing us, but impressive because they highlight all the hot pieces of meat starring in this thing. namely Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, and Joel McHale. That's the reason I've been looking forward to this movie, after all!

I wasn't entirely bowled over by the trailer - that rolling stuffed animal just doesn't spook me, much like the ghost-kids in director Scott Derrickson's previous movie Sinister didn't scare me... I have a feeling me and Scott just aren't scared by the same things. That said I'll totally see this movie for this cast wearing their t-shirts while being all solemn and tough.

Sign me up! This movie's finally out on July 2nd, and after over a year of posting about it (I first posted about it last April) I'd say it's about time I gathered the guys up for one of our fun-time threeways and asked y'all to choose. Take to the comments and tell me who would Do Dump and Marry.

Oh and hit the jump for a few more pictures of the guys standing around looking like they're three seconds from the bow-chicka-wah-wah music beginning to play...

Monday, June 09, 2014

Do Dump & Marry: Tony Trio

I didn't watch but ten minutes of the Tonys last night so I haven't a clue what the context is of these pictures of Bradley Cooper, Alessandro Nivola and Hugh Jackman playing guitars while wearing their tuxes, but it's a fine image all the same and obviously, seeing the three of them there beside each other does insist upon us a Do Dump or Marry game.

So tell us in the comments - which of these three would you have a one-night stand with (Do) which would you toss to the curb (Dump) and which would you wrap in your forever embrace (Marry)?

It's pretty clear who Bradley would do.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: Frat Love

Neighbors is out this coming weekend, and as I scoured this behind-the-scenes featurette for any new shirtless Zac Efron material I realized that this was a question that needed to be asked: you've got Zac, Seth Rogen, and Dave Franco sitting on a couch getting fucked up in front of you - who do you drag upstairs for a quick unbridled bang (Do), who do you leave sitting there to drool incoherently on themselves (Dump), and who do you wake up beside the next morning (Marry)?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Which is Hotter?

Make like you're Regina George with your pick of the litter at North Shore High School and choose: is it Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels or Diego Klattenhoff as Shane Oman?
There are too many Mean Girls 10th anniversary posts out on the net today for me to even begin to link to, so I'll just point you over to my "Beauty Vs. Beast" post at The Film Experience pitting Regina versus Cady from earlier this week again. Oh and one more thing...

Look at Rajiv Surendra now! (via) Kevin Gnapoor gone wild! And now that there's three fellas I feel like if you want to do a Do Dump or Marry for these three - their characters, of course - you should do so in the comments.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: My Achy Breaky Normal Heart

The Normal Heart airs on HBO in 46 days - that's May 25th if you don't have a time calculator on you - and so the boys starring in the long long looong gestating Larry Kramer adaptation have taken to the cover of this month's Hollywood Reporter for a long long looong story about that long long looong process. (Alright yes I cut off Jim Parsons from the cover there but this series demands a trio, and also I can't stand Jim Parsons and that goddamned unfunny show of his.) As an aside I just remembered I never linked to the most recent trailer for the movie, which features this Bomer Bottoming insinuation...

... so clearly, go watch that. And don't forget the previous trailer, with the kissing. Never forget. Anyway it seems a good time to ask y'all to Do Dump or Marry these fellas right about now then.You have Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Bomer, and taylor Kitsch to choose from. Pretend your Ryan Murphy and the casting couch is spread before you, and have at it in the comments!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Four Silver Foxes

Inspired by our pal Jose's tweet naming the five hottest living directors according to him, which made me realize what a wealth of attractive grey-hairs we've got standing behind movie cameras these days. So many I couldn't narrow them down to three for our game! So since there's four feel free to leave somebody off altogether (ignoring being the ultimate Dump) or commit polygamy or polyamory with your answers, what do I care, this isn't the gestapo. So your choices are Baz Luhrmann, the director of Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge and so forth; Martin McDonagh, playwright and writer-director behind In Bruges; Neil Burger, director of the hot new YA property Divergent; and our beloved Wolf Creek director Greg McLean. Give us your Do Dumps and Marries in the comments!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Good Morning, Russell

Since Russell Tovey knows we are looking at him (ha get it Looking I am a card) and he likes it, he keeps giving it away, and it's up to me, lone ranger of lustful things, to gather it up. So another batch of pictures of him you will find down below. But first a couple of thoughts on this past week's episode of looking. I guess if you haven't watched it yet these are spoilers but if you're on the internet you've forfeited such claims. 

Dug the kiss! Even if it was clumsy drunken nonsense (yeah we've all been there) Groff and Tovey have got some real chemistry going on - then again, Groff's got chemistry with everybody on this show, even wet rag Agustin. Is Groff capable of being chemistry-free? Think upon Frozen - even in only voice-form he made Kristoff's relationship with that reindeer kinda hot. Questions to ponder.

Oh and how great was Julia Duffy? She was super, just super. Since we're getting a second season (yay) I do hope we see more of her. And finally, one last note - if somebody offers you some weed before a stressful family wedding, you smoke the weed. I don't even like weed but all bets are off with family and/or weddings. I felt bad for Richie, although I think there was some purposeful sabotage going on there too. I do not think they are meant to be, and he knows it.

Alright so one last thing - I found that picture there of Tovey hanging out with Tom Daley and Harry Styles and I think we've really got to do a Do Dump or Marry for it, don't you? I really think we have got to. So tell me in the comments your answer to that, and then after the jump we'll go look at some more pictures of Russ. Deal? Deal.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Do Dump or Marry: Two Hemsworths One Ben

Dunno if you saw this image that I tweeted last night of Ben Affleck getting publicly gang-banged by the Brothers Hemsworth at an Oscar party, but man alive it makes me seethe with jealous rage. So y'all take to the comments and "Do Dump or Marry" them for me please, and while you're there everybody Dump Ben Affleck and make me a little less ragey. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Facebook Friends Of Yore

Somebody posted a quote from The Social Network on Facebook (appropriate forum, I suppose) the other day and now I have that movie stuck in my head, so let's pretend it's 2010 again (did you hear about those Chilean miners???) and do this Do Dump or Marry for the film - our threesome this round: Armie Hammer, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake. (Yes I did one of these for this movie back then, but it was Jesse Eisenberg in the place of Armie Hammer, which was obviously a painfully egregious error on my part.) Which one gets to hit your Like button, which one gets blocked, and which one will you change your relationship status for? Have at it!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Fight Club Coffee Klatsch

Since we're already in the habit of pitting poor directors against their sexy movie stars this week, let's take the opportunity offered up by that there super swank behind-the-scenes Fight Club picture (via) which I've never seen before of everybody clutching their junk  to have director David Fincher face off against the stars of his 1999 cult movie. That'd be Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, obviously. I've always found Fincher to be pretty sexy as far as movie directors go so I'd say he stands a chance, maybe. So hit the comments and Do Dump or Marry them - go.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Three Dudes in a Blizzard

I missed these pictures of the cast of Gregg Araki's White Bird in a Blizzard at Sundance last month - I do wish Thomas Jane had been there standing beside his co-stars Christopher Meloni and Shiloh Fernandez because that's a visual I need in my life, but seeing Araki himself being all friendly with his men-folk's not too shabby either.

So let's include the director in this round! Three men stand before us. The director Gregg Araki, and the actors Christopher Meloni and Shiloh Fernandez. One you will do (a one-time schtupping session), one you will dump (a no-time nothing session), and one you will marry (a forever and ever everything). Let it rip in the comments!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - The Hustlers

David O. Russell's seventh film (eighth if you count the unfinished Nailed) American Hustle is finally out in select theaters tomorrow! I saw it earlier this week and I will be sharing some thoughts on it tomorrow, but to tide you all over until then (I know you're just desperate, desperate, to hear my opinion, after all) let's play the Do Dump or Marry game with its three main menfolk. I do of course mean Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Christian Bale as they appear in real life - I won't make you choose between comb-overs and purple pompadours and mini-curls; I'm not that cruel. So which fella would you spend a night in the Studio 54 bathroom with, which fella would you send to jail on corruption charges, and which fella would you allow to long con your heart? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - 3 Chosen 1s

Have you guys heard of this series called Chosen? Or rather, excuse me, Ch:os:en...? Punctuation at red alert! Anyway it's an exclusive to Crackle, which I totally downloaded on my iPad one time but have never opened before. It's like a free movie streaming service, right? Anyway that's not why we're here - we're here because Chosen (I am not typing that godforsaken punctuation again) apparently stars Milo Ventimiglia, Brandon Routh and Chad Michael Murray. And in related news, Chad Michael Murray apparently still exists. Wait wait step back, he has a beard now, I have to set aside my snark. Beards kill snark dontcha know.

Anyway part two I actually saw that there trailer for the new season of the show (yes, there's already been one season, I guess) the other day but it didn't have any of the guys making out so I forgot about it, until just now, seeing that picture of them together. And it's been awhile since we've done a Do Dump or Marry, so let's!

Alright judge all you want but that homeless "suck your dick for a large order of french fries" look on CMM is totally working for me. I smell romance! Romance, and patchouli. Alright so you know the drill, hit the comments, which would you do, which would you dump, and which would you marry?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Do Dump Marry Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

(poster via) Our All Hallows holiday celebration counting down 13 Snakes of Halloween continues with a look at the sinister ladies of snake in Quentin Tarantino's revenge flick, which just turned ten a couple of weeks ago. You might already know this, but here's your fun fact of the day:

"The five assassins of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad are a reference to the Five Deadly Venoms, a group of five Hong Kong action actors employed by Run Run Shaw in many old Shaw Brothers martial arts films that were part of the inspiration for Kill Bill. The actors first worked together in a movie called The Five Deadly Venoms, and were referred to as such when seen in later movies together."

Here's what those chaps looked like:

Even though their masks all look pretty similar there, they're actually all supposed to be different animals - there's The Centipede, The Snake, The Scorpion, The Lizard and The Toad, and they each use a different kung-fu style (read about them at Wiki). As is QT's wont, he grabbed hold of that and made it his own with the Kill Bills.

Leader Bill goes by "Snake Charmer" while his brother Budd is "Sidewinder," and then our vengeful heroine Beatrix is "Black Mamba" of course - memorialized in an amazing speech for the ages, the Black Mamba's bite can deliver a GARGANTUAN amount of venom, you know.

Yes Elle, it is pretty cool. But it's these three other lady-snakes we're concerning ourselves with today, as we take on a Do Dump or Marry, Deadly Viper Assassination Squad Style. You must choose between...

Elle Driver, the California Mountain Snake

"California kingsnakes are opportunistic feeders, feeding on almost any vertebrate they can constrict. Common food items include rodents, other reptiles, birds, and amphibians. All kingsnakes are non-venomous, but are powerful constrictors and generally kill their prey through suffocation. The "king" in their name refers to their propensity to hunt and consume other snakes, including venomous rattlesnakes that are commonly indigenous to their natural habitat.

... They are considered harmless to humans, but if handled it is common for this species to bite as well as excrete musk and fecal contents from their cloaca, but this latter habit is usually restricted to the females. Kingsnakes usually shed four to six times per year at which point they go "opaque", meaning the snake's skin becomes dull and its eyes will turn a milky white color, rendering them practically blind."

 O-Ren ishii, the Cottonmouth

"When sufficiently stressed or threatened, this species engages in a characteristic threat display that includes vibrating its tail and throwing its head back with its mouth open to display the startling white interior, often making a loud hiss while the neck and front part of the body are pulled into an S-shaped position. Many of its common names, including "cottonmouth" and "gapper", refer to this behavior, while its habit of snapping its jaws shut when anything touches its mouth has earned it the name "trap-jaw" in some areas. Other defensive responses can include flattening the body and emitting a strong, pungent secretion from the anal glands located at the base of the tail."

Vernita Green, the Copperhead

"Like all pit vipers, A. contortrix is generally an ambush predator: it takes up a promising position and waits for suitable prey to arrive... Like most North American viperids, these snakes prefer to avoid humans and, given the opportunity, will leave the area without biting. However, unlike other viperids they will often "freeze" instead of slithering away, and as a result many bites occur from people unknowingly stepping on or near them. This tendency to freeze most likely evolved because of the extreme effectiveness of their camouflage."

One lady-snake make your Bride, one lady-snake pluck out her eyes and leave to the desert, and one lady-snake slither up together with for a single night. Who's who? Make your picks in the comments!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - The Great Gatsby Giveaway!

Baz Luhramnn's Fitzgerald-adaptation The Great Gatsby came out on DVD and BluRay this week, and whaddya know I have a copy of the Blu to give away! How cool, how beautiful, just like those infamous silk shirts raining down on Daisy Buchanan, flapper of leisure and heartbreak. Here's my review of the film from earlier this year. Anyway in figuring out what the contest to give it away could be, I realized that I somehow never did a Do Dump or Marry for the fine fellows that star in the movie. So let's!

If you'd like to pretend your Daisy and answer this query for their characters (writer Nick Carraway, charlatan Jay Gatsby, and thug Tom Buchanan) then by all means do that, or you can go ahead and tell me which of the actors (Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Joel Edgerton) you would do dump and marry. Either way's fine. 

Leave a comment letting me know your Doer your Dumper and your Marrier (make sure to include your email address), or email me at this address here, and you'll automatically be entered into the contest to win the Blu. A winner will be chosen at random. One caveat - the contest is only open for US residents. And if you just want to answer the question and don't want the BluRay for whatever reason that's cool, just specify that. I'll choose a winner on Sunday, September 1st. Good luck, everybody!