Friday, April 13, 2012

Who The Hell Is Matthias Schweighöfer...


... and why is in touching my Thomas Kretschmann? Stumbling upon that picture sent me into one of my patented K-Holes (the K is for Kretschmann, of course) where I went looking up all the junk I miss because he makes movies in other countries too, which led me to What A Man, a 2011 comedy written and directed by and starring this Matthias Schweighöfer person. I guess he's a somebody in Germany? From an acting family or what not. He was apparently in Valkyrie here in the US (also with my Kretschmann) but that looks like it might be his only American credit. He's got a cute ass anyway.

(via) But that doesn't mean I like him man-handling my Thomas Kretschmann like this. Hit the jump for more man-handling pics, including a shot of him man-handling my Til Schweiger as well. And then a shot of Kretschmann man-handling Schweiger. And then some more of Thomas Kretschmann, including a couple of NSFW-ish gifs of him looking lovely in 2004's Frankenstein, just cuz.



Anonymous said...

meh....mattias is way cuter and hotter than that guy. til is pretty cute too.

WhiskeyRiver said...

Ok,..if you dont know who Matthias Schweigofer is,watch The Red Baron(The Rote Baron).He plays Manfred von Richthofen,and man,..does he look like the real Baron in it!He's really a good actor too,and no,he isnt from some big actor family,though his mom is an actress.

deborahkla said...


Now if you can find a GIF of the scene of Til's arse in action in "Investigating Sex" and Til kissing in the same movie I will love you forever.